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The beautiful narrow roads leads you to a place that you do not know it even exists. Entirely because you are there at those places for the first time. As the roads cease to exist and the wooden trail starts to appear all around you and now you can only experience the emptiness and nature in its full glow with utmost silence.

And as you move ahead, the nature starts to let you experience itself to the fullest. And by fullest, it means the cold winds and snowy terrain and straightaway you feel that you are seeing a wallpaper unfurled in front of your eyes or in a movie which you could have only imagined somehow to be in a place like that by chance, but as your fate have brought you here, you are there in the midst of the beautiful mother nature full of different aromas.

One can feel like a 5-year old child in there fascinated by everything around him or her. The Forest full of snow just looks like a dreamland to you now. And when for the first time you are there, you feel you are in a paradise. And you just think where you are on the earth at this point where it all seems magical and yet it is pretty difficult to reach at that point in your journey analogous to one's lifetime journey. Travel is always like the life, hence it is an important part of our lives.

When you roam in the heaven around you, you feel the beautiful silence and fragrance of fresh soil around you, the magic woosh of the cold wind. You decide to jump in the snow, play with it and make something unique from it like one's christmas is here and now.

And when you decide to slide into the snow downwards devoid of any fear to complete your return journey in a different way, you feel the joy which is hard to describe because it is one thing that you would love to do even though it can be dangerous. And yet you do it, because it fills your heart with utmost joy that only nature can provide and you cherish and remember every scratch on your body you get while diving first time into the snow. You just always cherish it as a beautiful memory throughout your lifetime which would appear in front of your eyes everytime you remember.

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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
04 de abr.

Experiences we get while traveling is invaluable

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